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The world is changing fast, the ways of working and how companies find and hire expertise is also changing.

We believe that three key trends and drivers will change the way organizations need to take talent resourcing into account.


  1. The freelancer market will grow and the top talents will be freelancers.

  2. Top organizations will embrace remote work even more.

  3. Work will be conducted by decentralized & self-managing teams.


These trends have been strengthened by Covid-19. The impact has meant the widespread adoption of remote work, meaning company cultures are changing to include talent from all over the world, with onboarding taking place solely online. Various non-permanent employment relationships, contracts based on temporary work performance is becoming more common and reducing work in permanent employment relationships.


The world is moving more into a project economy at the same time. The so-called gig economy is driven by projects. One of the reasons behind this massive shift is that projects are the best, and only model, that can exploit creativity and innovation on one side, as well as structure and discipline on the other.

But there are many more reasons: speed, agility, focus, value creation, diversity, teamwork, growth, development, profitability....


This will require more from companies and their project management practices.


Your smooth transition into new world order of project management starts by contacting us for further information. Let's drive the change together.


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